Shattered Soul

March 22, 2012
By Raven_Deathwing PLATINUM, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Raven_Deathwing PLATINUM, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
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'my happiness is only a mask i wear to hide the tears i cry'

nothing can ever be the same once again…nothing can ever go back to normal…but there was a time when I was free from the darkness that surrounds me, and the light gave me new strength

my soul was once healed and fixed, but that was when I was broken…now the darkness creeps up on my once again and I soon realize that my soul has shattered, unable to be fixed, unable to be found once more

I am nothing without you and I soon know that I cannot go on anymore, always gonna be stuck, frozen in time…

Please don’t risk your life for me, for I would cry a million tears if you die

My soul is shattered and soon I know that I cannot go back to the light that once saved me from the darkness when everything turns black

Broken up and no one seems to see…broken inside and the pain is hidden away…only you seem to see this pain inside of me, and yet I lie to say I’m fine…

Happiness, the one thing I cannot feel anymore…sadness, the one thing that seems to have control over my heart…

Nothing is ever gonna be the same, and I don’t expect people to believe in what is true and what is lies…

They say I should believe, but what they don’t say is that by believing in them and what they say, they are lying to me and telling me things that I should not believe in…

beLIEve… believe in this shattered soul that can never be fixed once again…

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