World Of Science Fiction

March 22, 2012
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A world of science fiction
doesn’t seem that bad.
A world where milky ways flow
like desert roads,
and then twist into DNA
built from
schizophrenic colors.

Galaxies pass
like two trains in the night.
Not so parallel,
destined for one chaotic
that eliminates any trace of
time’s short lived existence.

Worlds split apart,
they are nothing less than
the molecules in
some foreign bomb
you never bothered to learn about.
There is no explosion
just replicated life.

Antimatter somersaults
through space,
the belly of a black hole.
I saw you jump through it
and you acted like it wasn’t
a big deal.
But I could tell that it was.

We watched creatures
rise from the moons floor.
Built of
gelatinous chemicals
They were nice.
They shook our hands and invited us
over for tea and cookies.

Skipping stones
on an ocean of neon.
Watching every splash
do it’s electric dance.
Eventually the pebbles all
into pixilated liquid.

We gather by the
virtual sunset.
Hearts beating at the
speed of light.
And we think to ourselves
This is our world,
our world of science fiction.

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