Lunatic Life

March 22, 2012
By IsaacMonroe BRONZE, PIttsburgh, Pennsylvania
IsaacMonroe BRONZE, PIttsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Witty boys laugh and crack wise
at the sight of bent over girls.
The social world is blunt
and filled with long sobs.

Bruises scat sing down the arms of youth.
This is a lunatic life
filled with unsatisfying minutes
and lingering time to kill.

Wounded like the oxygen
that hangs like wax.

Good songs pump from the radio
when you fiddle with your boyfriend.
Shush a clobbering heart.

Lizards accepted in the public
Rich person,
rich white person.
You’re not wise rich white person.

Glitter knives
sprinkle knives
if you do you’ll be understood.

Spend all night scratching the ceiling,
I swear you are graceful.
I swear.

The author's comments:
So, i did this for my writing class. We went and saw this "public art" down the street from my school, and it was just two books scrolling in big blue letters on two screens. I just picked a bunch of random words and made a poem out of them and this is what i got.

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