March 22, 2012
By Garrett Desotelle BRONZE, Wausau, Wisconsin
Garrett Desotelle BRONZE, Wausau, Wisconsin
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The fire is famous to the spark,
only while there is fuel for fire is warmth.

The teacher is famous to the student,

only while there is knowledge for thy is power.

The rain is famous to the cloud.

The sweat is famous to the brow,

for work has been accomplished.

The pen is famous to the paper
while the pen is famous to the ink.

The music is famous to the artist,

while the sound is being heard.

The couple is famous to the Love,
that they share for Love is vital.

The dream is famous to the mind only,

while it is remembered, for memories shall persist.

The crush is famous to rejection,
but persistence is famous to success.

Family is famous to the love it provides.

The author's comments:
I sat down on day thinking about what would be famous to what

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