The witch and the cat

March 22, 2012
By Karmatroll PLATINUM, Delhi, Other
Karmatroll PLATINUM, Delhi, Other
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there was once a witch,
who loved to sew and stitch,
with her she had a cat,
who could make all kind of hats
,once the day came,
when the cat ran away
,and the witch was to blame,
she cooked him a meal,
of rye and oatmeal
,the rye was sour,
and the oatmeal tasted like tar,s
o he galloped of,
to a fairy named heretha toff,
the witch when saw the scene,
was less than pleased,
she did a magic spell,
who cats whereabouts could tell,
she hurried towards the house,
quite as a mouse,
leave him alone you swine
that cat,yea him he's mine,
"okay"the fairy shuddered
cause the witch she dreaded,
but the cat gave out a tiny smile,
i'm gonna send you away a thousand miles,
he said something enchanted
the witch's face looked haunted"
what have you done to me"she cried
for she herself was flying
after the witch was gone
they celebrated with a songa
nd here is how it ened
no more the story bended
it ended in laughter
and a happy ever after

The author's comments:
The first poem that I wrote.It's a children's story in the form of a poem

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