The Real Me

March 20, 2012
By GloRida SILVER, Monroe, Georgia
GloRida SILVER, Monroe, Georgia
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If you really knew me-
I mean really, truly knew me
You would discover you don't really know me
I am not what I did
I am not what I do
I am not defined by the little things that I do so half-heartedly-
So carelessly
I am not defined by the smile I wear even through the pain
Who I am is where I am going and how I am growing
I am complex, more complex than you can possibly know
I am like an exotic flower deep in the rain forest
Only seen by a few-
The few who search
In order to see the beauty that the flower holds
You must find the flower to begin with
Even then, you do not understand the flower
You have only seen the petals that fall so easily to the ground
The flowers true colors are inside
Guarding themselves from those who couldn't care less
In hopes that there is indeed someone who truly does care
No, you do not really know me, for you have not been searching
But even when you do search, if you choose to
And you think you really, truly know me
Even then, you will not know me
The real me.

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