Stuck in the Dark and Mad

March 20, 2012
Today the study was
something against what my mom says,
Forget the past and forgive.
But the study was
look in the mirror
Reflect on the past;
it’s made you who you are.
it’s made you who you were.
it’s made you who you will be.
There’s no blueprints
no exact ingredients to how it’s made –
to how and who it comes to be.
No dash of neglect
No pinch of Easter Sunday
Not even a cup or two of stories.
I didn’t know where to go
from then on.
Sitting in class while my mind
raveled into
Testing the waters of my subconscious
Skinny-dipping in my Past –
Knowing I was stuck in nothing
but a mindf*** from it all.
And the bell rang
And I left class
And my day went on.
But I couldn’t escape what he said.
And in the shower
And during dinner
And lying in bed
And star gazing
But I couldn’t escape who I am.

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