Wild Suspense

March 20, 2012
By ifrafcasd BRONZE, Cheswick, Pennsylvania
ifrafcasd BRONZE, Cheswick, Pennsylvania
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At last I have made it;

I looked around to see if anyone could see me trembling.

Sure enough everyone was too busily occupied in their own excitement,

To notice a small girl like me on her very first roller coaster.

Inside my mind was just a flash of thoughts materializing all at once.

What will happen? Is it what I hoped it would be?

I looked at my hands one final time before we neared the incline.

As we slithered up the slopes,

It seemed like the light from the tunnel,

Just gets closer and closer.

With each heart beat shortening my breath.

I hear the tire tracks talking to me,

Rubbing against the wheels.

It sounded strangely familiar.

As if my mom were yelling at me for doing something wrong.


That reminded me.

She was down near the gate watching me, like she said she would.

I thought I saw her waving at me from far behind;

But my mind was way too jumpy,

For me to realize anything.

With those thoughts in my mind, we crept closer and closer to the top.

Finally we made our destination.

The top of the incline.

It was all downhill from here.


I could see the whole park from here.

I turned by head around and saw that,

Sure enough everyone's expression was similar to mine.

Shocked. Amazed. Scared.

It was surprising how a human could express so many emotions all at once.

We stopped for a moment or two to take a picture,

But then we were shot down,

Like a bullet from a pistol.

I screamed and screamed,

Till I was out of breath,

The top of my lungs burned with great despair.

I screamed and screamed!

At last we made it!

I took of my seat belt off and ran.

My fear of Roller Coasters was finally over.

I got out and went back in line,

For the third time.

Yeah, you heard right.

For the third time.

Because some moments just stay gold forever.

The author's comments:
This poem is about my first time on a roller coaster. It was a fun and nerve wrecking experience.

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