Sweet Dreams

March 20, 2012
Her eyes flicker open,

Still dwelling on a peaceful fragment of a dream.
But as she fully awakes,
And reality hits her,
She enters into her never-ending nightmare.

She goes through the day,
Barely trudging on.
Sometimes she sees faces shes glad to see,
But it only makes her feel worse.

So she puts on a mask,
And continues her act;
Hiding her pain,
All for the sake of trying to fit in.

She won't be weak,
Because she doesn't be made fun of anymore.
She may seem fine on the outside,
But on the inside she's dying of something bigger.

If she had real friends,
They would help her through.
If her parents would take her seriously and listen,
They would do all they could do.
But she doesn't.
And they don't

She wouldn't ever put that stress on the ones she loves.
So she carries her load,
And bottles up her pain deep down inside,
Hiding it from everyone around her.

And the only thing keeping her going is knowing,
When she lays down her head,
And closes her eyes for the night,
She will be back in her safe haven;

Her Dreams.

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