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Edge of Thunder

March 20, 2012
By NonsensicalMuse PLATINUM, San Anotnio, Texas
NonsensicalMuse PLATINUM, San Anotnio, Texas
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Can you feel it?
The tempestuous rustle within the night,
As lightening dashes across the clouds,

Can you feel it?
The baying thunder echoing within,
As it rumbles across the land,

Can you hear it?
The Mother’s song among the wind,
It threads through bare branches,

Can you hear it?
Her proclamation of ascendancy,
As a violent clap shakes the sky,

Do you love it?
Perched upon the edge of thunder,
As the storm rages just beyond,

Do you love it?
The moments that stand defiantly,
As fury fast approaches,

Your soul affirms in time with the rain,
Drumming steadily in an ancient rhythm,
Yes. Yes. Yes.

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