The Beast of Lust

March 20, 2012
By , wayne, NJ
The Beast of Lust
Two boys found each other in the school yard
Becoming friends with each other was not too hard
For one the friendship grew
The other though, felt something new
The boy was in love

Both boys are greedy and smart too
Mocking each other on what they already knew
closer and closer the boys became
their bodies touched without shame
only one was in love

One boy felt pangs of guilt and blame
The one in love felt success and fame
Such different views from one act
The loving one knew he should retract
but he couldn’t stop his love

The loving boy would soon enact
Lustful battles that could never attract
The golden flame who he held so high
The guilty boy with who he vie
A beast was born from love

Now each and every time they lie
the loving boy made thigh touch thigh
It was a shameful act he did that day
He repeated it again to see if he would stay
He thought he had found love between them

The guilty boy shuddered in dismay
At the horror that happened when in bed they lay
His old friend had become a beast
Who only knew how to feast
on the flesh of the one who he wanted love

The guilty boy made sure this ceased
The beast now wishes to decease
His sin he will try to repent
But how could he after such an event
There is no love, not anymore

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