Sorry, but no.

March 20, 2012
By fallenangel95 BRONZE, Palacios, Texas
fallenangel95 BRONZE, Palacios, Texas
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We gather up the courage to do the unexpected.
For it ends up being useless because we get rejected.
Hearing it which is supposed to stir up wrath.
But instead of feeling anger, we feel sad.
Small but deadly, it has only two letters.
We cry in pain, but we should know better.
Contains numbers fourteen and fifteen.
We're still trying to clean out hearts out, but we remain unclean.
You're in my mind all the time and you should feel guilty for killing our spirit.
Need I remind you that we know death and we do not fear it.
Because of you I have deeper scars.
You've broken my dreams, no more shooting for the stars.
Now I have the urge for all my emotions I need to show.
And I really 'liked' your answer "sorry, but no."

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