American Soldier

March 20, 2012
By Searchingheart PLATINUM, Farminton, Arkansas
Searchingheart PLATINUM, Farminton, Arkansas
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A white rose,
Now stained red with blood.
I know your watching,
From p above.
Only a cold stone,
Remembers your name.
But all of us,
Will remember your fate.
Strong willed you stood,
Your head held high.
A lonely gun in your hands,
For freedom you fight.
Doing something,
Only a true hero can.
You give up it all,
For our land.
The stars and stripes,
They are your pride.
You stand and fight,
Even knowing the prices.

Our freedom saved,
But your life lost.
Another name is written,
Upon a granite rock.
An American flag waving,
In heaven you now stand.
You fought for those,
Who never saw so much as your hand.

The author's comments:
I wrote this for my cousin. A few years ago he lost his life to the war in Afghanistan. I will never not miss him, he was my best friend. But I will always be proud of the sacrifice he made for people who don't even care to know his name. He is forever going to be missed...

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