Poor Mother

March 21, 2012
By Righteous69 PLATINUM, DeSoto, Missouri
Righteous69 PLATINUM, DeSoto, Missouri
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This is the death.
Of me.
As I cry in help,
Do you rescue me?
Of course not...
I lay here screaming,
Your name.
You can't hear me.
Only because he's yelling,
In your ear.
Screaming and telling you,
Not to help me.
Letting me suffer,
In pain and weakness.
You let me die.
What now mother?!
Now that I'm gone all you have is your disobiediant son,
Constantly calling you names,
And mistreating you.
Same for your husbund.
My father.
He's the one who kept me away,
From you.
And killed me.
And what did you do?
Nothing at all.
I hope you can survive your place of hell.
I'll be watching over you.
In Gods land.
Everytime he hurts you.
Everytime he yells at you.
Don't hate yourself for his cruel ways.
Wait untill he dies.
Until then,
Don't hate yourself.
Maybe youll die first.
And if you do.
I'll be waiting for you,
At the gates of heaven.
Waiting for your beautiful face to arrive.<3

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