March 21, 2012
By greens_the_thing13 BRONZE, Columbia Heights, Minnesota
greens_the_thing13 BRONZE, Columbia Heights, Minnesota
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It's Funny
How a Book
Can make you Laugh
Make you Cry
And make you Angry
It's Funny
How a Page of Words
Can be your Escape
Your Relief
And your Calming Agent
It's Funny
How a described Character
Can become someone you Know
Who can Explain themselves
But still hide Secrets from you
It's Funny
How many People
Won't ever pick up a Book
Just read a Page and
Discard it away
It's Funny
How much they are really Missing
Not Experiencing
And not truly Living

The author's comments:
The teenagers of our generation have lost the importance of reading. They complain that it is too long or that they could be doing something more fun. We need to remember that books are the future.

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