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March 21, 2012
By Megzzie SILVER, Auburn, Maine
Megzzie SILVER, Auburn, Maine
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Deep and dark
No sun to shine
Where emotions flow
But sometimes not the good ones

The things that creep on you in your sleep
The things that keep you awake at night
The things that scare you that always have a open eye

Like the evil witches who cast spells on your soul
Or which change your life around
And nothing ever changing back

For the insomniacs that never sleep at night
For the ones who are dying to find a reason to slit there throats
For the ones who never should have left the world without a say
For the others who kill people just for joy
For the pain
For the misery that they went through but never got revenge
For them to feel how you felt
So hurt and broken

Have you ever wanted something?
Something you’ve always wanted.
But never got
And someone else did
And you watched them get it
So mad because they never deserved it

For the girl who wants the guy of her dreams
But has no idea she has ever existed
Or noticed that she’s the girl that sucked up air
The air for better use
For someone better almost?
Thinking she wasn’t good enough she slit her throat
And no one ever noticed

Has no one ever been there for you?
Made you smile when your crying
Gives you reason to make it through the hard and painful day
Or has no one been there
Not at all your whole life
And no one understands
No one will ever understand the pain that you went through
or the way your soul has been hurt

Do you get nightmares
The bad ones that keep you awake
The ones you wish that would stop happening
Every single time you open your eyes

Do you think this is depressing
Almost brings you to tears
Did you shed a tear or two when you read this
Just remember some people go through these things
Not every one of them makes it through to see tomorrow

Not all of this is nightmares
I wish mine were only nightmares
Have you ever had these thoughts?
The ones that were like mine?

The author's comments:
I'm trying to put myself into a different persons shoes. So I'm trying to get out of my comfort zone with these poems, but tell me what you think!

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