March 20, 2012
By Sonrierdelaluna GOLD, Valdosta, Georgia
Sonrierdelaluna GOLD, Valdosta, Georgia
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Words mean nothing
Just a waste of breath
Paper means a destroying  of trees
Record just in file folder
Permanent but burn able
Drawls  unopened
Drives forgotten
Gear in a closet
Time not of essence
Cooking not much
Memories tossed away
Efforts worthless
Smiles unattainable
Laugher not a chance
Desire gone 
Touch wanting 
Giving all  
Forgiveness asked for 
Sorrys unbelievable 
Faith unwilling
Anger you don't see
Tears no more
Feelings in the dark
Plans you lied
Ring still on finger
The want to rip off
What's the point
It's just day by day
Day by day till what
What when day ends
So I'll stop
Because everything
Is meanless
I'll stop till you say stop
Or you show up 
And make it worth something

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