March 20, 2012
By Sonrierdelaluna GOLD, Valdosta, Georgia
Sonrierdelaluna GOLD, Valdosta, Georgia
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You are the drug to
To my addiction
I long for you so 
That your words run
Through my mind
All day long
And I bust out
Unable to contain you
Another second

You meet me
On my speakers 
Everywhere I go
Caressing my ears
Far or near
My be the drive
But there you are
Along for the ride

Oh lonely night
I cry and you answer
I say hello 
And you're the one
Who says hello back
Just words
All scrambled up
Pulling me closer
To being ok
When words are far
And In between 
You know
Cords are necessary
And notes
Strings to puppets
That form
Broken sentences
And words not said

You hold the power
To remind
Of things needing
And others 
Who were better left
For dead
But you hold the key
Not me

The record most often
Put in
Changes itself
Rewinds and fast forwards
And stops
Makes you listen

You are my world
I would rather be dead
Then go a day 
Without you 
Scratch or play
My heart is your puppet
Strings pulled tight
Waiting for you
Just to get stuck again

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