Pleasing the King

March 20, 2012
By Pamie BRONZE, Tomball, Texas
Pamie BRONZE, Tomball, Texas
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Time for the challenge, chefs must begin
Preparations are made, ready is what we’ve been
Up in the clouds, licking tasty toasted tops
We begin Stacking, stacking non-stop
It’s toppling over, we all scream “oh no!”
The king will not approve, nothing we can bestow
We demand a retry, the kitchen in a panic
Its overflowing, the cheese so volcanic
Adding the essentials, pepper and spice
Recipes tried, it’s the luck of the dice.
This time we have it, right here right now
It begins its slow cooking, wiping sweat from our brows
The pan hisses, loud succulent sizzling
We take out the patty, the hot grease still fizzling
Toasting the hot buns, sesame seeds flying
“The ultimate dinner”, everyone is replying
Chef is still working, time for the veggies
Lettuce, tomatoes, now onions, Its ready
Plated divinely, drizzled ketchup and mustard
Over twenty-one chefs moving quickly, so flustered
Next thing we know, we all stood before him
Waiting, just waiting, bright lights turn dim
Why are the royal simply not for pleasing?
Turns out Kings don’t find burgers all that appeasing

The author's comments:
I wrote this fun one for my little brother.

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