March 19, 2012
By ...Travis... GOLD, Medford, Oregon
...Travis... GOLD, Medford, Oregon
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while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us...

Close your eyes and look around,
See a man who is not found.
He stands politely to the side,
In His heart He tries to hide,
The longing He has always had,
To meet the one who makes Him mad.

Mad in love, Mad with joy,
Mad like a child or little boy.
Not sure what He wants it for,
He wants a Love—nothing more.
Nonetheless He’ll act his best,
Surely Christ will give Him rest.

Someday a girl will see Him,

Standing there alone.
She’ll show Him signs of caring,

Throwing Him a bone.
Until that day He understands,

God can only know:
Which girl is right for Him like

Which day will snow?
So to the side this man will stand.

His heart, God will fill,
With the love that’s right for Him.

But wait He must,

And wait He will.

The author's comments:
yes, I am single. this poem is not to get a girl. Just expressing what its like to be single for almost two years straight for a Senior guy in high school.

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