F&%$ Texting

March 19, 2012
By beston BRONZE, Seattle, Washington
beston BRONZE, Seattle, Washington
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"The interesting things are at the bottom and the top, people in the middle are boring." -Unknown

Moving back into a lost world of lol's, haha's, and ;)'s I struggle to recount the lost and valuable knowledge I once had.
I lose all communication with my heart and mind as I try to move into theirs via a lamed form of expression.
In no way can I understand nor they understand what is behind the words in 160 characters or less.
To write to much is a step too far and to falsely blow off with a "K" is a crime worthy of no response.
Deriving any sort of meaning or conclusion is a skill I have to gain.
It's a whole new game with rules and guidelines unlike ever before.
I yearn for the era of chivalry and showmanship. An era in which a man is not decided upon based at his skill with a a keyboard and thumbs but rather his mind and actions.
This may just be a layman's way of expressing that yes, he is bad at it. But he means well and hopes soon that the other half of the pair sees what really counts in a man.
But until then, I will play your silly adolescent games and I'll respond back.
But one day when you see that non of that matters I'll be there too; holding the car door open, giving you my jacket, writing you a poem and then reading it to you and then hopefully,
then you'll see,
That I love you.

The author's comments:
Texting always bothered me, so I wrote this about it.

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