March 20, 2012
By Anonymous

Hear the disjointed melodies

The one from your hellish memories

Pound against the keys

Keep wishing for everyone to let you be

Play loud

Drown out the crowd

The roar of thunder

The sobs of your mother

Don’t cry for dad

Try real hard not to go mad

Please keep playing

It’s okay; there is time for praying

Eyes are straying, to the sharpened blade

It must be hard to keep up the charade

Difficult to admit you’re not happy

Harder to say you feel crappy

Still trying to keep the rope away?

Can’t you keep the thoughts at bay?

Just stop talking

Maybe then they’ll stop mocking

It hurts so much

To be shunned at lunch

Just stay in the music room

Wishing for your eternal doom

Easier to play away

To stay hidden in the shade

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