A Life

March 20, 2012
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Love is the bittersweet essence of relationship.
That makes your heart sing but any moment, become limp.
An everlasting admiration for someone that gently flows.
A special feeling that can replace one’s misery at all time lows.
Closed hearts lack it, while some give too much to naively show.

Innocence is the child-like part of us all.
One that seeks no danger, a place we don’t recall.
Harmless, a constant vulnerable state.
A deadline of growing into reality, late.

Strangers together, connected as one.
Reliable for you until life is done.
A friend that’s related by blood.
A group that progresses for each other,
Like a growing flower bud.

Intake of everything that surrounds you.
To include another soul that wants too.
The protection of arms that hold,
A seal of warmth that keeps you from the harmful cold.

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