Water Bound

March 20, 2012
By 12andersons SILVER, Gilford, New Hampshire
12andersons SILVER, Gilford, New Hampshire
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I stand
feet cold against
the wet tile floor.
I can feel my pulse
pushing against the cap
holding my hair hostage.

My adrenaline is getting to me.
The Butterflies are starting
as I approach the blocks.
I climb up to the rough platform
positioning myself, grasping the edge,
waiting for the buzzer.

Take your marks….errrrr
and I catapult through the air
like a propelling bomb.
Head tucked, I hit the blue
my legs pumping automatically
to reach the surface.

Lungs fill with air, and I’m off
through the waves, rotating
my limbs, like a water wheel.
The muffled roaring of screams
Fill my ears during every breath
Encouraging to me push forward.

I reach, and hit the wall
coming up for a breath of air,
the room explodes with cheers.
I quickly climb out, and bow my head
to receive the pride I deserve
in the form of a small golden disk.

The author's comments:
This writing of mine is about my love for a sport I've been doing since I was four years old.

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