You Lie

March 19, 2012
By Anonymous

My trust, shattered at your feet
A part of me dying inside
When I know I can’t count on you
You Lie

Two whole years
Thats how long it took
To earn my complete trust

Gone in an instant
Disappearing from existence
I don’t want to believe its true
You Lie

It started out little
“My mom’s sick, I can’t come.”
But grew much larger

“I never said that!”
“I would give you a second chance.”
“You’re my best friend.”
You Lie

You don’t know how much it hurts
Because I must not matter anymore
I’m not worth the truth

And when I ignore you or hurt you
I’m not trying to be mean
I’m showing you what you did to me
You Lie

You're not my real friend
If you were you wouldn’t have done any of it
You wouldn’t have lied or hurt me at all

My trust is hard to earn back
You have to prove you deserve it
But you won’t, you don’t care
You Lie

And even though you hurt me, I’ve moved on
There are people that care
People that believe in me

But now I know the truth
I’m not worth it
I can’t trust you
You Lie

The author's comments:
Sadly, My 'friend' inspired this one. I didn't think she would ever lie to me as much as she did.

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