Twenty One Guns

March 19, 2012
By JosephT. BRONZE, Natchitoches, Louisiana
JosephT. BRONZE, Natchitoches, Louisiana
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The sound of melodious music fills the day
With light amongst what was dark times.
Rejoicing for the great victory achieved on that day.
Twenty one shots shatter the very air,
Honoring fallen comrades lost for their noble cause.
As his noble steed proudly marched throughout the crowd,
His head hangs low,
Knowing that he must face the kin of the slain.
Mourning and weeping (keening) without regard of other looking upon them helplessly.
Many fine soldiers lost needlessly,
Lain in the ground because of a senseless blunder he did create.
Blindly trying to create glory out of a battle that already won.
Foes striking back like a wounded animal trying to exploit an unknown weakness.
They, never finding the meaning of life,
But dying a premature death.
Others spending whole lives trying to find the reason to live.
The answer is very simple and complex at the same time:
People live to die,
But would die to live.

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