My Heaven

March 19, 2012
By JosephT. BRONZE, Natchitoches, Louisiana
JosephT. BRONZE, Natchitoches, Louisiana
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Wreaking havoc throughout the land,
Leaving a path of destruction behind him by the might of his sword,
No man can stay his anger and bloodlust.
Feeling the keen edge of his sword sink into flesh gives him pleasure above all else,
Sating his need for bloodshed.
Nothing can tame him, save the one he holds dear.
Her touch calms his fits of battle rage.
Her words save countless lives by persuading him to lay down his blade.
He would go mad if he lost her.
Laying waste to all around him,
He would die to save her life,
Just to hear her voice again.
Battling through the fiery darkest reaches of hell,
Just to see her face one last time before he enters the void.
Compared to his love for her,
His passion for battle is but a spark
Beside all the emotion he has for her.
Detesting all that keeps him from the one he holds most precious.
Battling through the fray is but one more way
To feel her silken skin against his.
No human nor supernatural force can keep him from her,
Leaving all his earthly possessions to stay one day with her.
No one loves her like him,
His idea of heaven is five minutes spent with his angel.

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