March 19, 2012
By JoeCaldwell SILVER, State College, Pennsylvania
JoeCaldwell SILVER, State College, Pennsylvania
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A quick salute is the beginning

My vision partially blocked by the wire crisscross,
my feet move to the familiar position.
The referee says the magic word

I'm a saber fencer
so whenever I hear that word
I move forward
I have seconds to come up with a strategy
before I get hit

My opponent’s coming at me
His new jacket shining in the strange light
He stretches out his short arm

I move backwards
The smallest flick of my wrist and
My saber flies to one side
Then the other

My opponent,
younger and newer to the sport
is caught off guard and


I accelerate
One full-speed lunge

15 points later
I have won

A quick salute is the end

The author's comments:
Try reading the first line of each stanza

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