It's All Been Done

March 19, 2012
By JoeCaldwell SILVER, State College, Pennsylvania
JoeCaldwell SILVER, State College, Pennsylvania
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It's all been done

You could write about
war and peace
Life and death
Love and hate
But it’s all been done

Human writing
has covered everything
We wrote exciting plays
breath-taking books
And heart breaking poems
We wrote it all
now all we can do is change the stories
Retell and rewrite

We wrote odes to hamburgers and wash cloths
Cantos for slippers and Nightingales
short haiku about ocean spray
and rain on roofs
We wrote epic novels
We wrote recipe books, carpenter books and music books
a dummy can find a book
for just about anything

We wrote beautiful sunsets and lazy Sunday mornings
We wrote comics you can laugh about all day
We wrote dog books and horse scripts
which always end in the same sad way

We had power in our writing
Speeches that could turn nations
Songs that could challenge ideas or win hearts
and poems that expose what really matters in life

We wrote crappy things too
many crappy things that aren't worth reading
But if you look through all the blogs
and crumpled love letters
and desperate diary entries
you will find something
that inspires you
Something that hurts you
Something that moves you

and maybe
just maybe

you’ll write something new

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