My World

March 14, 2012
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I want a world,
clamoring with danger;
Where taking a risk,
young love,
leaving your mark,
is a risk without the fall.

I need to find a place,
where time is of no important;
Where the sun rises and sets
with the snap of your fingers.
A place where getting up early
is a crime against nature.
But why would it matter?
Time bends for you.

I crave a world
of honest eyes and open minds;
Of second chances
that just don't expire.
A place of forgiveness,
where I am free to be,
selfish, irrational, and blind
but feel support in my endeavors.

A Utopian society
is an outrageous idea;
Simply beyond my illusion.
I want a place that can function,
perfectly and flawed.
With sadness
and troubles.

People will remain optimistic
and wont waste a single moment
on regret
not even
in the worst
of times.

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