March 14, 2012
By Jonathon_Fine GOLD, Vinita, Oklahoma
Jonathon_Fine GOLD, Vinita, Oklahoma
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I grew weary of my pathe and theat which surrounded me

The light dim and thee cold chilling to thee bone

I walked withein my weariness

Not long bfore I abandoned my pathe

My eyes began to gain weight

I began to sink

I laid beneathe an oak tree

I began to drift to my dream while pleading for Apollo's light

Then asleep I was

When I awoke fearsome it was

The sky dark blood red, it bleeded tears of ash

The clouds darker thean any soul

"Who hathe I angered?!" I called to thee wind

Aero did not even speak

I looked up thee oak tree

There I had saw it

It's wings long and scaled

It's claws sharper thean ant blade

It's fur darker theen thee clouds

It's eyes red and evil theemselves

"Oh Zeus what creature be theis?"

The beast snared its jaws

Fear stuck my spine

I dropped my belongings

I fled upon my feet

The beast took flight upon theis

I ran deeper into thee unknown pathe

I ran therough thee witheered forest

The trees were burned to thee color of coal

The soil crushed beneatheh my feet

The air theicker thean any rock

In thee distance lighting stuck and theunder roared

A storm faced me but thee behind me thee beast followed

I could do notheing but run toward thee storm

Upon top of thee hill a root tripped my foot

I fell unto the dirt and thee beast flew beyond me

I looked up to see thee beast's pathe

It was flying toward thee storm

The storm...

By thee power of Zeus!

By thee wisdom of Atheena!

By theewrathe of Poseidon!

By thee trickery of Hades!

This can not be

The storm was no storm at all

It was a battle

A battle of gods

But atlas not my gods


Impossible! This can not be

My eyes must deceive me

But theere theey stand

Thor looked exactly has his tale told

The Serpent and him in mid-battle

Could theis be thee future Odin foretold?

By thee beard of Zeus!

Did my mouthe say such lies?

Aye! It did

But are theey truly lies?

The Norse gods stand fore me and no sign of Zeus

Could Norse be real and my belief fake?

Or theis be a dream and I an unworthey servant?

Oh they real god answer my call and show me truthe

No answer was given to me

Laid on thee ground I stayed

My fear and confusion halted me

My eyes stuck upon thee battle

If theis be true, thee final battle

Then all shall die

I shall take theis final day and make atone of my sins

Upon my knees I pray

For theis is my last words I pray

Beneathe an oak tree laid a Greek

Laid stiff and cold

A warrior fibs him lying therer withein shade

"You awake!"

The Greek laid still

The warrior kicked his body

The Greek stayed still

"He is dead!" The warrior searched his body

Only to find a poem entitled "Ragnarok"

"He was only a poet questing theings he should have not"

Zeus turned to Odin

"When in deathe theey will see our truthe."

"Aye, me ad you Zeus will show theem truthe beyond theem"

Gods talk among theemselvess

They are real to whom believe

Believe how you wish

The author's comments:
This is a narrative poem.

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