March 13, 2012
By bbrittanyannee BRONZE, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
bbrittanyannee BRONZE, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
"I control my mind. I musn't lose it. Fate is a bunch of ----, faith is an endless pit, and fear maintains an evil grip. I control my mind. There is no proof, so I must prove it."

Her heart is a cobwebbed, empty room,
lonely nights shared with clouds of smoke and staring at the moon.
She sighs as her eyes gaze upon a broken mirror:
a ghost in unwashed clothes, pale cheeks stained from tears.
Her eyes are empty pools of lost, abandoned hope,
she dipped her feet in, inch by inch until she was soaked.
She’s learned to see the world in foggy shades of gray;
shadows and figments cloud the air, but she knows they will never stay..
She wears a painted smile to leave those faceless souls at sea,
let them drown in society while they think they’re free.
Red glows beneath her skin as she slowly drifts to sleep
because the only colors she sees are the ones in her dreams.

The author's comments:
Kind of a hopeless kind of feeling. Like society and everyone is doomed. And dreams are the only things that keep us alive.

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