A Guido’s Life

March 13, 2012
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During their seasons,
Thursday nights are what most cannot wait for.
At ten o’clock the T.V. gets turned on,
And our “Jersday” begins.
For an hour we watch the guido’s GTL,
And hear every curse word in the book.
Sam and Ron’s rollercoaster of a relationship has us all annoyed,
Yet our eyes stay glued to the T.V.
Team meatball gets drunk before it’s even noon,
While Vinny and oh yeah, Pauly D, yeah, share the biggest bromance there is.
When The Shore Store closes for the day,
The poofs and blowouts come out.
When the cabs are finally here,
To the clubs they all go.
Within moments of getting there,
Most are already practically drunk.
MVP begin grabbing girls to take home,
While the Guidettes Jersey Turnpike all night.
Fame has gotten to their heads,
And they act as stupid as can be.
They are definitely not good role models,
Yet we still keep our eyes on the T.V.
It’s like we are congratulating them for their stupid acts,
And as an award their fifth season has just begun.
So many people cannot go a day without quoting them,
And you cannot have a party without someone fist pumping.
When the show is finally over,
Does anyone think, “Well what does this say about us?”
This show is one to mock,
But like many will agree, it will forever be my guilty pleasure.

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