My Country

March 13, 2012
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Please join me
in this moment
of silence.
I’m mourning
the loss of
my country.
It was such a great
little thing
With good
honest people.
Please excuse
my tears.
It died
of a rare cancer
Big Corporation.
It corrupted
the heart and soul
of my Country.
I remember how
My country gave me all
My rights
And I could play knowing
a hope of tomorrow
Was there
That education
and freedom
was right over
the horizon
waiting for me
to come
of age.
But this cancer
slowly but surely,
(or was it
fast and
took over
my country
and all
the honest people
Turned corrupt
and greedy
and evil
and intolerable.
They took away that hope
on the horizon.
I know my country,
is waiting for me.
At least I hope.
But for now
let’s bow our
heads in mourning,
For my country.

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