Summer Breeze

March 13, 2012
By kem1122 BRONZE, Mendon, Massachusetts
kem1122 BRONZE, Mendon, Massachusetts
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A sharp ray of sunlight peaks through the curtains,
Another summer day is at hand;
I race down the stairs ready to play,
To feel the summer breeze through my hair.

The sun shining bright through the holes in the trees,

Sounds of child’s play fill the air.

Racing around, not a care in the world,

A summer breeze tickling our faces.

A pause in the play; clouds in the distance,

A faint rumbling of sorts, a crackle of energy over the trees;
The air thick with the smell of rain,

The summer breeze picking up all around us.

The bright blue sky now a mottled gray,
Someone bowling way up high,
A flash of lightning, a roar of thunder,
Whoosh! trees swaying with a harsh summer breeze.

Hide under the blanket, don’t make a move,
Maybe the storm will miss us.
Crouch in the corner; try not to listen.
The summer breeze shaking the floor all around us.

The noises are fading, is that the sun?
We run outside to check, the swings
And the trees are glistening wet,
And we can feel a summer breeze on our faces.

The author's comments:
This poem is based on Roger Browns painting "Cloudy Night" and is suppossed to be in quatrains but the dialogue box can't fit the long lines.p

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