may You Dare

March 19, 2012
By SaraE. BRONZE, Purcellville, Virginia
SaraE. BRONZE, Purcellville, Virginia
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How can I possibly love one part of my life
so much,
and can’t stand the other?
I dread being in a dull classroom,
without any inspiration
what so ever.
Dare to captivate my mind,
and entrance my thoughts.

Allow every aspect of my life
to be limitless.
See Me as Me
and who I wish to become.
Reveal the truth of this society I’m in.
Remove this monotonous mood
I feel constantly.

Display to me everything I cannot see;
the joy some find everywhere.
Show me how the most flawed things
seem nearest to perfection.
Make me feel passionate
for something,
that is not ballet.

Something else that brings love,
a sense of control.
the intoxicating need
to excel higher.
Something that chose me
to have a passion for it.

Let me flourish.
Excel beyond my expected achievements.
Accept that I make mistakes.
allow me to,
even encourage me.
Challenge me to escape
The boring tranquility
I lose myself in
too often.
For once,
make everything seem interesting.
Encourage me to succeed
in everything I do.
Encourage me to accomplish
I desire to achieve.
Allow me to create my own standards.
To be an individual.
Treat me like I’m on my own level.
Intrigue me with topics others cannot comprehend,
let my mind run with it.

Expose me to the true world
So many people have hidden from me.
Make me laugh,
or make me cry,
just make me feel something.
Show me the life
that has the rough edges.
Let me uncover
the unsettling truth
and make it mean something to me.
Change the perspective I have forced myself to have;
Allow me to realize there are exciting things
in an average life,
that normality is not just boring
like I have come to believe.

I want to find the passion I do in my dancing elsewhere.
To make myself hopeful of all extraordinary things.
A chance for me
to want an incredible life,
I want my line of sight to change from one thing,
to every and all things.
So badly do I wish to achieve everything for myself.
Yet somehow,
this is what I Cannot do.
I cannot achieve everything.
Or change everything I need to be changed.
I cannot become
the person I desire to be
I need someone
who wishes
great things of me.
Pushes me to
Achieve more,
Love more,
Laugh more.
Become more of Myself.
Allow me to ask,
Who wants this for me as much as I do?

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