The Lake

March 13, 2012
By Madison Lewis BRONZE, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Madison Lewis BRONZE, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
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After a lot of impatient driving,
Finally we are here at the lake,
Cool air greets us and the wind is thriving,
Sailing will be a piece of cake

The next morning, we canoe to the dock,
The water is colder than the air,
We dare each other to go in with a belly flop,
It might be cold, but we don’t care

After our swim, we have a picnic lunch,
We hike out to a pretty waterfall,
Our sandwiches and apples we all munch,
We hang out and play with a soccer ball

We stay to watch the frogs on lily pads,
The slippery rocks are covered in moss,
Then, we all tell jokes and are glad,
Even when it starts to rain, we can’t be cross

Once there was some sun, we went to the dock,
And watched rain fall from the clouds,
We wanted to sail but the boat shed has a lock,
So we watched the birds sing out loud,

Again we went out in the canoe,
To the old red bridge and to shore,
Only to find someone had painted it blue,
We canoed back to the house to eat more

After dinner there was a big surprise,
A campfire to roast marshmallows on,
We were all happy with the surprise,
We ate s’mores until they were all gone

Finally the sun leaving for the night,
We all went to watch the sunset,
We stayed there and watched without light,
We might still be rewarded with fireflies yet.

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