Shadows of Disgrace

February 21, 2012
I see the shadows slowly creeping,
as the people walk on by,
leaving me in the darkness,
not even sparing me an eye,
they pass without a glance,
not knowing I exist,
and they could easily fall into chaos,
because of their ignorant bliss,
I watch the evil of their ways,
that they believe are pure,
I see the darkness in their souls,
for which God has no cure,
they think that they are right,
not knowing what is true,
they live their lives in happiness,
not having a single clue,
they are digging themselves deeper,
into the abyss of their own sins,
they are paving the way for others,
so no one will ever win,
but I watch from the shadows,
as a guardian waiting for the time,
that I should show them from the darkness,
that has always consumed their mind,
next time they will pass me,
they will look me in the face,
they will know what I have done,
and they will thank me for my grace,
but my sins are so consuming,
that I too will fall away,
from the sunshine of the heavens,
into the shadows of disgrace...

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