The End

March 17, 2012
By XiXii BRONZE, East Falmouth, Massachusetts
XiXii BRONZE, East Falmouth, Massachusetts
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There is a fire burning inside of us, and there are of course going to be those people that want to put it out but as long as we know who we are they don't stand a chance.

You ruined every wish of mine,
You broke me beyond repair.
Now I'm stuck with bleeding thighs,
And I'm talking when there is nobody there.
I'm crying on the floor,
Looking at the sky.
Begging the angels just to help,
Or they can take my life.
This isn't who I want to be,
This isn't what I lived for.
What is it that you want from me?
What ever did I do?
Why do I deserve this,
I'm a person just like you.
I thought that I was human,
And I thought you really cared,
I guess I was always wrong,
Because you were never really there.
I told you what I want from you,
And know I sit in guilt.
I knew that I was selfish,
But they say "don't cry over spilled milk".
This is a lot more than that,
This is a lot more pain.
I never prayed for anyone,
I always prayed in vain.
I know I shouldn't act like this,
Because I know nobody knows.
But to feel this pain forever
Is something that will eventually show.
I can't force my eyes to see the end,
It just isn't clear.
But what I know is that it's coming up.
I know my end is near.

The author's comments:
I was in a mood...

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