Do you Remember?

March 17, 2012
By Anonymous

Do you remember when you called me best friend?
When we stayed up late into the night
Sharing silly dreams
Spinning futures from our tangled seams

Do you remember
The ET tree, that made us laugh
As it stretched for the sun
Trying to find its way home

Home for me was in yours arms
I was blind with love
For there was much more going on
Then my narrow sights could see

Home for me was in your kiss
Innocent in its mystery
Bringing warmth to the tip of my toes
In the way no other kiss can do for me

Home for me was
Beside you in chemistry
Watching you play pokemon
As I leaned against you to read

Home for me was the makeshift park
Where’d you’d ride over to see me
And we would lay on the ground
Never having to say anything

Home for me was the sight of your name
Popping up on my screen
A little heart next to the words
In an attempt to say what you meant to me

Now I look at the ET tree
And I see the place only a few yards a way
Where I tried to hold in tears
As I realized you’d never loved me

Now your arms go around another girl
A girl you love much more than me
And the sight of it makes it so hard to stay strong
And pretend that you don’t mean anything to me

Now your lips are for another
And mine try desperately to smile
Eight, seven, five more hours
Until the dimples can disappear

Now I see the park
As just a painful memory
A patch of the past to avoid
Lest I see our ghosts lying on the grass

And your name,
It no longer pops up on my screen
For we no longer speak
And I don’t know whether to be happy or sad

But, even if I shall never laugh with you again
Even if I never meant anything to you
I will forever love you
For what we used to have

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