March 17, 2012
You always see my “happy” smile
Little do you know, its just painted on.
The voice I use isn’t mine,
And the words you hear aren’t from my mind.
I think I should be an actress,
Because I’ve fooled you all so well.
You believed my fabrication
When in reality I’m living in hell.

I’ve lost myself in this hole I’ve dug,
But I’m happy to say I’m gone.
Because I hated who I was and the feelings that I had
So I made another me;
A happy one that likes to laugh,
That never cries, that likes to live life free.

But I’ve pretended for so long
That even I started to believe my lies.
I’ve tricked myself into thinking I’m happy,
That I was no longer living a nightmare.
It takes someone you love and trust
To bring you back to reality.
And that’s exactly what happened,
I let go of the fake me
Let it all flood back, my terrible memories.

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