love you always

March 17, 2012
By beachgirl27 BRONZE, Mumbai Maharashtra, Other
beachgirl27 BRONZE, Mumbai Maharashtra, Other
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Favorite Quote:
laugh your heart out
dance in the rain
cherish the moment
ignore the pain
live, laugh, love
forgive and forget
cuz love is to short
to be living with regrets..

I’ll love you more than anyone can
Ill love you like you’re my one and only man

I’ll give you my everything, ill give you me
To show how much you mean to me

Ill love you with all that I’ve got
And I will never ever stop
Because anything you say
And everything you do
Makes me fall much more for you

Ill stay with you always
As there is nothing that can pull me away
I’m always going to be where you are
Because that’s where I belong
Standing right by you
Holding you in my arms

You’re the man of my dreams
And it will always be that way
As nothing can change what I feel for you
Because I will always love you and only you

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