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March 17, 2012
By GlassWriter BRONZE, Portland, Oregon
GlassWriter BRONZE, Portland, Oregon
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"I can live in a mans world as long as I can still be a women in it" -Marilyn Monroe

Where have you been, when you know that I can't breathe without you? Why am I the one that always worries when you don't see what you are doing wrong? I waited for you, I stopped on a dime to see if you would stop. You take me for granted you know, how can I wait for you when all these options are passing me by? Why am I so stupid when I know I should have left so long ago. You know what you do to me baby. We put the us in trust, but trust is always broken, it's never whole. But why should I be the part that's the worst of the mangled ends? I don't know where you are going, or when you'll be back, but I know that you and me are forever and I know that we can never be forgotten. I just wish I had one more chance to hold you close, that I could makes something out of nothing. When you are around and I am here, I sit waiting at the window like a dog in a car. So when are you coming home? I left the key where you always hide it, I check if it's moved everyday, but like a true gypsy you are it always stays in the same place. So please just let me know, when you are coming home. I miss you even when you are here. So let me hold you close, just this once.

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