Jotting Down Love

March 17, 2012
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I always thought something was weird about you by the way you looked at me before.

Yes, Ive had my doubts, like my fear of you using me for your perverted ways, but that doesn't matter anymore.

To you, I promise to be yours for as long as one of us still loves each other.

To tell you the truth, I hate it when you talk about other girls. I know you hate it when I do it too.

Do I regret kissing you? No. Do I regret telling you that we couldn't be together? Yes. Completely.

You never have to be afraid to tell me something.

People can say our love is wrong, but I don't care just as long as I'm with you.

I don't ever want to hurt you. I love you to much for that.

When you said you loved me, did you mean it?

You are my one and only and nothing can take that away.

The thing is, I don't want to let go. I want to keep holding on, to you.

I love you to much to let you go.

If I ever did anything wrong, please forgive me.

Forget about everyone else. It can be just you and me. As long as you will let it.

This tension between us kills me literally.

I have figured it out. I figured out why you were being so rude to me. You were trying to forget.

We can try it but it would be dangerously risky. I'm willing to try it if you are. If you still feel the same way about me you did a few days ago.

Trying to forget everything we had and all of the love we held in each others arms.

Scared of you not loving me anymore, for fear that I have done something wrong by you.

I don't care what is going on. I want to be with you and only you.

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