We All Say Stupid Things

March 17, 2012
We all say stupid things,
When we are confused,
When we don’t know something,
When we misunderstand,
We become cold hearted,
We don’t mean any of it,
We still say it none the less,
And we regret every word,
Every thought,
We try to erase the memories,
And the more we try,
The harder it becomes,
An idea is like a virus,
And it is practically impossible to eradicate,
That’s what I did that night,
I kept assuming,
I was wrong,
You had good intentions,
I didn’t,
And I apologize,
And I hope you realize,
That I love you,
Every single bit,
You are my sister,
Thanks for being there,
When I needed you most,
When I needed a friend,
You’re so nice,
To ever one,
And I wish is was more like you,
Thank you sister

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