Wants and Dreams

March 16, 2012
By JFISH51 SILVER, Lebanon, New Jersey
JFISH51 SILVER, Lebanon, New Jersey
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Its always darkest before the dawn.

The sunsets and I begin to cry,
I don’t understand, and don’t know why.
The Lord doesn’t watch me while I sleep,
For the nightmares are in my mind and my soul is for the devil to keep.

I sit there staring into eternal obscurity,
Whishing for a sense of peace and security.
I am always upset, and always morose.
Even when I smile I am still feeling gross.

I want to breakaway from the sadness and anxiety,
All I want is to find a since of piety.
Yes, I have been happy once before,
Unfortunately I do not feel happiness anymore.

I cry and weep because I am so fed up with the pain,
I am at the point where my mind feels nothing bud sadness, irritation, and strain.
I wish for my life to make a miraculous recovery,
But I know that isn’t possible unless I make a sudden discovery.

I contradict myself when I say I’m comfortable with myself, and my choices,
Because I complain about how I a horrible person I am from hearing all the voices.
I am a one-man island that no one can understand,
This depression is and inconvenient and unplanned.

I just want to be happy one again,
I am done in being in complete and utter pain.
I want to get better and be a normal entity,
But first I need to find my personal identity.

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