The Perfect Friend

March 16, 2012
By JFISH51 SILVER, Lebanon, New Jersey
JFISH51 SILVER, Lebanon, New Jersey
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Its always darkest before the dawn.

A friend should be kind and understanding all the time, and never be malicious,
Sadly, this breed of friend is nonexistent and fictitious.
Everyone has faults, and the true friends are those who can accept imperfection,
These people are the ones who will show you love and affection.

One who will do anything and everything for the other is the perfect friend,
Thinking that everyone is like this, and everyone is perfect is merely pretend.
Love those who care enough to ask, “what is wrong?”
This is the type of person with whom everyone gets along.

What makes a friend true is: honesty, trust, and loyalty,
These are the traits that cause you to be treated like royalty.
Those who are rude, dishonest, and hurtful people are horrible to be around,
These people are like stray dogs, and should be taken straight to the pound.

Those who lie, cheat, and steal are no friends of mine,
Just thinking about this type of person sends a chill straight up my spine.
Many people get enjoyment from being a bully and a brat,
These people I feel sad for, because they feed off of the misery of others like a vampire bat.

Honestly, I feel like I have very few true friends,
With all those who are not genuine and fake I wish to make amends.
I know we do not live in a perfect world, and that people are anything but perfect,
But for once in my life I want to be treated fairly, and not like a reject.

Do not take this the wrong way, because I do have many friends who are very dear to me,
I beg you all not to read into my woeful plea.
I only wish to send a message that we should love and not hate,
This is the notion that I wish to actuate.

I do have my brothers and sisters, who are not related to me by blood or law,
I know this fictitious breed of friend can only be created if I paint or draw.
It just would be pleasant if there could be no drama, tension, or stress,
This was just a topic I felt I needed to address.

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