My Cry For the Lord's Peace

March 16, 2012
By JFISH51 SILVER, Lebanon, New Jersey
JFISH51 SILVER, Lebanon, New Jersey
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Its always darkest before the dawn.

Here I am on a plane,
I’m on my way to France where I shall reestablish my faith and strengthen my brain.
Once I get to Paris I will begin my quest,
My faith, strength, soul, and knowledge will be put to the test.

I am not expecting anything; I am traveling with an open mind,
If I am not cured it will not affect me, and I will leave the negative thoughts behind.
By the grace of GOD, I hope to be healed of my deep seeded sadness,
Take away all my pain, all of my misery, and all of the badness.

I offer my transgressions up to YOU my LORD,
For YOU and YOUR archangels can strike down the fallen one with YOUR fiery swords.
Purify my soul; take the horned and winged demon out of me,
All I want is to be with YOU for all eternity.

LORD, my GOD, and my master, I Love thee with such a deep and genuine love,
Please send YOUR Son’s spirit, to guide me, from the heavens above.
The seventeen years I have been alive, I have only obeyed YOU and YOUR cannon law,
Yes, I have sinned countless times, but I am sorry for each and every flaw.

Forgive me, oh GOD, for my self-destruction,

Help me repair my health buy putting my body under mental construction.

I am offering my afflictions up to YOU, my GOD,
Let me grow spiritually, mentally, and physically, like grass grows from sod.

Love cures all pain suffering, affliction, and grief,
I know my journey will be long and treacherous, and anything but brief.
I accept that my mental state won’t be repaired overnight,
I only ask that YOU to guide me and love me so my life can be just right.

I’m not trying to be selfish, narcissistic, or conceded,
I just want my suffering to end, so I can help the world where I am truly needed.
Are YOU calling me to be a disciple of the WORD?
For I would give my life up for YOU as soon as I feel that my calling has occurred.

I live for YOU and to speak and act by YOUR teachings,
I feel deep in my heart that YOU want me to guide YOUR people with weekly preachings.
When people taunt me, anger me, or cause me to become mad,
I will only use YOUR WORD to conquer the bad.

Lord, please take away my psychological pain,
Help me conquer my emotional strain.
Help me be enlightened, spiritually uplifted, and open when I visit Lourdes, France,
Send me St. Bernadette to watch over me when my faith is enhanced.

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