March 16, 2012
By JFISH51 SILVER, Lebanon, New Jersey
JFISH51 SILVER, Lebanon, New Jersey
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Its always darkest before the dawn.

The feeling of isolation is a feeling that from I perpetually endure,
My deep seeded sadness enhances my misery, and from my awful state it tends to reinsure.
I feel like no one understands what deplorable feelings I feel day in and day out,
I want to forget the pain and the agony, and cutting appears to be the quickest route.

I feel the painful stings of regret, hatred, abuse, and neglect.
I feel like my soul is decaying little by little each day because by many, I receive no respect.
The things I found joy in long ago, seem to lose their charms,
I don’t even care enough to let people know I’m hurting, or even sound the alarms.

Isolation is my poison without a cure,
I know I am never going to be happy again, and that, for you, I can ensure.
My cuts all tell a story of pain, suffering, and regret,
Each and every time I look at them, all I do is hyperventilate and become upset.

Life isn’t worth living, and I don’t care what you say,
You don’t have to go through the pain I feel each and every day.
I am not going to kill myself, but I am an extreme pessimist, who doesn’t care,
I also know what pain really is, and I know the true reason why life isn’t fair.

No one can understand the way I feel, or why I am the way I am,
I live in such pain that I feel like God has cheated me out of a good life with a scam.
I never will be happy with my life,
I always will live in deep and utter strife.

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