Crazy Pain

March 16, 2012
By pandaluv420 SILVER, Charleston, South Carolina
pandaluv420 SILVER, Charleston, South Carolina
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"Everyone is going to hurt you, you just have to find the ones worth suffering for"-Bob Marley

My world is falling, crumbling apart, life is meaningless and that's just the start
My hearts so sore, I can feel it breaking and I swear to God it leaves me shaking
Late at night to early in the morning, lying in bed eyes wide open. Didn't sleep last night, like all the others, instead I just lie crying in the covers.
Quick, wipe away all the tears before they come near. Must hide this depression and the feelings of fear
For all they know I'm happy and always smiling, but deep inside my soul is dying
I can feel it rotting it wants to scream, but I won't let it... not for the time being
I can never tell them how I feel because the happiness I wear to them is real
For them to hear I wish I was dead... it would kill them, they'd be filled with dread
So I'll try my best not to be selfish, I'll keep my secret hidden and just let them rest
But God, I can't take it much longer...I'll probably be dead before they even start to wonder

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